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Yoga For Runners

I have been there. From running almost every day for 30 mins to running three times weekly an hour and half to not running at all and again starting running. And so on. Trying different surfaces, shoes, running techniques, running on the treadmill and outdoors.

Running is wonderful but shortens certain muscles and the regular runners most of the time suffer from the tight hamstrings, lower back pain, sore shoulders or runner’s knee etc… not to mention joint problems.

Too much flexibility is not good either as there is not enough strong muscle support to protect the joints but the contortionists rarely run, anyway.


Improves muscle imbalances caused by repetitive and high intensity training

Strengthens smaller muscle groups (often neglected by running, swimming and cycling)

Improves alignment and coordination through the pelvis, knees and ankles and increase strength through the arches of the feet

Brings awareness to areas of tension or resistance in the body

Lengthens tight hamstrings to ease lower back pain in endurance races

Develops long, lean muscles, improving flexibility and core strength

Improves concentration, focus, determination and self-belief – mental qualities for competitive athletes

Helps you to find a deep relaxation to counterbalance an intense training schedule

Protects your joints by naturally lubricating them

Get your running partners together and include a special yoga program in your training schedule and see for yourself how yoga benefits your running.

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